A coaching service for both current and future leaders seeking SENSE and ACCOMPLISHMENT in their work.

‘The Good Ear Coach’ aims to help leaders of the 21st Century to become more perceptive in order to respond to the needs of a changing world.

Through personalised support and guidance, I will help you identify your natural abilities, understand and achieve your aspirations, develop your emotional intelligence (soft skills) and fine-tune your leadership skills and style. As a leader, gradually, you will once again find meaning and pleasure in what you do, thereby improving your performance levels to become a source of inspiration and a real actor of change.

Leader [ liːdə(r) ] = n. A noun denoting anyone who leads… such as a company director, a manager, an entrepreneur and any person involved in a project which requires the involvement of others.
Leaders of the 21st Century are conscious of the rapid evolution of today’s world.

Why choose The Good Ear Coach?
Only one pre-requisite... Courage!
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Integral Coaching

The journey is always worth it!

Sandrine Bruneau offers ‘right to the point’ support and guidance… far beyond classic coaching and yet still based on empathy and listening.
As a globe trotter by nature, and always seeking excellence, for 15 years she worked in business internationally and has continually sought out the best teachings in the fields of psychology, coaching and neuroscience. Since 2012, she has been helping her clients to work on their inner selves, to get to the heart of the issue, to discover, or rediscover, who they are, to transform their way of doing things so that they can become the unique leader they want to be within their team, their company and in their personal life.


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