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The Good Ear Coach

The personalised coaching offered by The Good Ear Coach combines innovation and pragmatism. The latest techniques in integrative psychology are employed to identify the origins of the issues or problems, unravel them and transcend them. The energy released can then be consecrated to helping you move forward and evolve. Well-proven coaching methods are used to implement the desired changes.

Beyond the simple achievement of your goals, results will include renewed energy, a broader way of thinking, a more fluid way of making decisions, of taking action and of communicating. You will then be able to lead others in this adventure, and together you can begin to change the world!

Integral Coaching

Through a dual approach of Coach and Integral Vision practitioner.


Each working session is unique, tailored to your needs as closely as possible… because you are unique!



A structured, strong and effective approach to solving complex problems.



  • I identify my problem



  • I clearly understand the root of the problem
  • I am now aware of the obstacles, subconscious patterns, resources, etc.



  • I implement new patterns and competencies
  • I develop my intuition
  • I learn to think more broadly
  • I gain in confidence
  • My actions become effective



  • I regain energy
  • I am creative
  • New opportunities are arising
  • People are changing around me

I will know I’ve changed when my outlook on my environment has changed!

My Toolkit

The Integral Vision

A systemic tool, conceived by the American philosopher K. Wilber, enabling the analysis of a complex situation

Spiral Dynamics

A model conceived by C. Graves, to understand and act on individual and collective change.


Nonviolent Communication, conceived by M. Rosenberg to learn to communicate with the heart and with assertiveness.


Map of human functioning to better know your personality, understand your motivations and to free yourself from your automatisms.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to understand how the brain works, to boost your objectives, to communicate more effectively, to succeed.

Equus Coaching

Coaching assisted by a horse... a veritable mirror of human emotions. The ideal partner to develop your leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

About me

My story

What made me decide to become a coach?

As an engineer (a profession I practised for some 15 years, working on three continents), and in particular as a manager of continuous improvement projects, I was confronted with the question of change management. I saw how emotional intelligence and leadership were the key factors for success… and yet most of us were sorely lacking in them. Passionate about psychology, I then travelled the world attending training courses on these subjects. I am the very first Martha Beck (author and world-renowned American coach) certified Coach in France, I have been fully trained in Nonviolent Communication by its founder, Marshall Rosenberg, and I have been fully certified as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer by INLPTA, the International Association of NLP Trainers.

Building on these teachings, in 2012 whilst living in the USA, I created my coaching business working with private individuals and companies, and continued my practice upon my return to France. Since then, I have constantly enriched my knowledge and services with the most innovative techniques of the 21st Century: Horse-Assisted Coaching, Dr Joe Dispenza’s Meditation, K. Wilber’s Integral Vision and C. Graves’ Spiral Dynamics. Today I offer 360° coaching for emotional balance, mental clarity and physical health, designed specifically for leaders. So, for those of you who are short on time with a busy schedule, I am delighted to put my wealth of experience, acquired from around the world, at your disposal.

Why the name ‘The Good Ear Coach’?

I had a severe inner ear problem that constantly plagued me for two years. It forced me to really listen to myself, to draw on the necessary resources to heal myself. My listening skills, which I can now put to the service of others, have become my greatest strength. Therefore, the name ‘The Good Ear Coach’ seemed an obvious choice.

Why do you particularly focus on the Leaders of the 21st Century?

Because it seems to me that it is primordial that everyone should strengthen their leadership skills… today’s world is very complex and the only way to find your way in it is to become your own leader.

Because leaders have a major impact on their employees and their company, they influence the emotional climate of their team. If they change, their company will change… and the world will follow suit!

Because I have noticed that more and more leaders are questioning the meaning of what they do. Understandably, they want to accomplish their work, find a balance in life and make a modest contribution to changing the world. This equation is very complicated to solve on your own. I want to help them because I am convinced that the world is in great need of these kinds of leaders… leaders who are totally inspiring!

Why do you offer coaching with a minimum of 4 sessions?

To ensure quality and in-depth work. I want my clients to take the risk, with me, of exploring lesser known areas of themselves. This can sometimes be uncomfortable, but is so useful because it is precisely there that you discover unexpected resources.

My coaching necessitates 4 to 8 sessions, depending on the progression of the individual.

My clients around the world