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The Good Ear Coach

What is Horse Coaching (or Equus Coaching)?

Horse-coaching means coaching assisted by horse. As an equus-coach, I help people to develop their leadership and emotional intelligence… like most coaches. Except that I work in partnership with a horse.

The horses are hyper-sensible being as their safety depends upon their capability to sens any danger around. This makes them capable to detect the emotions (conscious or unconscious) of the human-beings around. They act like mirror, therefore watching their behavior in our presence gives us clues about what is actually going on in us! Horses are social beings, living in herd, where each one of them has a specific role. The strength of the herd is equal to the strength of the weakest member, then they will do everything possible to develop the skills of the weakest one. When you enter in the field, you become part of the herd. They will show you what to fix/heal to make you stronger. Last, but not least, horses are excellent living partner to explore your communication skills. 55% of communication is non-verbal, observing their behavior will make you understand what is the impact of your non-verbal communication. Working with horses is a powerful way to help you solve relational difficulties and develop your leadership.


How did I become an equus coach, and funny story….


As a coach, I have been fascinated by horse-coaching, until I decided in 2014 to make the leap to get trained in this innovative discipline. As a pre-requisite, I read the book from Amelia Kinkade, « Straight from the horse’s mouth », about how to intuitively communicate with animals.  At one point, Amelia mentions that you can even ask your deceded loved animals to come back in your life, knowing that the animal may come back in a different form. I did ask for my beloved (and deceded) cat, named QuissMe, to come back in my life…Three Months later, as part of my Horse-Coaching training, I had to choose the horse that would be my coach for the following year : I entered in the field, did my best to connect with each horse of the herd and got a real connection with a beautiful brown one, that I chose. The horses’ owner came to give me the life story of my horse and his name. My beautiful brown horse was named QuissMe…. Amazing… QuissMe was actually back in my life, only in a very different form !!!…. 2 years later I convinced the owner to sell me QuissMe who is now part of my family.

“Each time I interact with my horse QuissMe, it shows me how to become a better version of myself…with Love!! :-)”